2023 NZ National Boccia Championships

The 2023 NZ National Boccia Championships are being held at Akau Tangi Sports Centre in Wellington from Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th October.

Stay up to date with the draw and results via the tabs below and catch some of the action via the Facebook and Youtube livestreams.

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/boccianz

YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@boccianewzealand/featured

Court 2 will be live streamed:

Thursday 26th (Teams and Pairs competition)

  9:30      Team NZ vs Team Aus (Teams)

11:00      Upper North vs Lower North (BC3 Pairs)

12:15      Wellington Yellow vs Canterbury/Waikato (Kiwi Pairs)

13:45      Teams Final 

15:15      BC3 Pairs Final

16:30      Kiwi Pairs Final

Friday 27th (Individual Competition)

  9:00      Lilian E vs Matt O

10:00      Corena H vs Maurice T

11:00      Cian W vs Troy R

12:00      Shontel C vs Ben F

13:30      Matthew W vs Dylan S

14:30      Gina TA vs Hyran D 

15:30      Matt O vs Wales I

16:30      Corena H vs Dylan S

Saturday 28th (Individual Competition)

  9:00      Paul W vs Cian W

10:00      Jack T vs Colin F

11:00      Shontel C vs Matthew H

12:00      Troy R vs Greig J

13:30      Lilian E vs Wales I

14:30      Jack T vs Corena H

15:30      Individual Kiwi Quarter-Final 1

16:30      Individual Kiwi Quarter-Final 3

Sunday 29th (Individual Competition)

10:00      Individual BC1 Qualifier 1

11:00      Individual BC2,4,5 Final

12:00      Individual BC1 Final

13:00      Individual BC3 Final

14:00      Individual Kiwi Final


Team NZ                         Matthew Whiting   Maurice Toon     Colin Frude

Team Aus                        Jack Tori               Dylan Schwars   Corena Harrison

BC3 Pairs:

Upper North Island         Troy Robertson     Cian Wackrow

Lower North Island         Greig Jackson       Hyran Daymond

South Island                    Paul Woodhead    Gina Taka-Ardouin

Kiwi Pairs:                  

Waiakto/Auckland            Karen Callander     Arthur Murfitt     Shontel Castle

Wellington Black              Ben Fisher              Jeffrey Kerr       

Wellington Yellow             Wales Isaac            Matt Overend

Canterbury/Wellington     Lilian Exton             Matthew Henderson