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Boccia Balls

A set of boccia balls consists of one white 'jack' ball, six red and six blue weighted leather balls. The balls themselves are made of leather, filled with tiny plastic pallets, can weigh between 263g - 287g, measure 270mm in circumference and are available in different grades of softness and hardness.

Suppliers include:

  • Mamaku (New Zealand) -
  • BISFed has 8 approved suppliers of licensed boccia balls -

Boccia Ramps

Boccia ramps can be of any design and material but are usually either straight pipes (cheap and good for beginners) or custom-made curved ramps with bases (more expensive and better for competitive players). 
Most hardware stores will stock wastewater pipe, whilst someone with specialist skills at working with hard materials will be able to build a ramp from a design.

There are three recognised suppliers we use:

Referee Kit

A referee kit comes with a double sided red/blue paddle, ball sizer, large 25cm measuring calipers, small 9cm measuring calipers, 2m tape measure and a shoulder bag with adjustable strap.

There is one recognised supplier we use:

Assistive Devices (BC3 Head / Hand / Mouth Pointer

These are required for BC3 players to release the ball from the ramp.  Everyday hats or helmets can be customised to attach an adjustable 'aerial' to the forehead or be used as a hand pointer; whereas any stick can be adapted with a rubber mouth piece to use as a mouth pointer.

Referee Paddle

A red / blue indicating paddle is used by referees to signal what colour is to play next. These can be adapted from common table tennis bats that most sports suppliers will have.


A useful tool for measuring distances between boccia balls - especially for smaller distances. Also available from most hardware stores

Feeler Gauge

Great for measuring the very small distances and a useful tool for referees. Most hardware stores will stock these also.

Tape Measure

In order to determine which colour ball (red or blue) is the closest to the jack, an everyday tape measure can be used - especially for longer distances. Again, these are readily available from most hardware stores.


Particularly useful for when it is difficult to see which colour is the closest to the jack. Available from most hardware stores.

Masking Tape

General masking tape is often used to mark out boccia court lines. Two different widths are generally used (48mm and 18mm) as most hardware stores readily supply both.