Strategic Plans

Strategic Plan 2021-2028

This plan will guide the strategic direction of our organisation and shape the development of our sport over the next 8-year period.

Strategic Pillars:

PARTICIPATION AND PATHWAYS - Engage and inspire more people to participate in boccia, and retain and develop athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers

PERFORMANCE AND PROFILE - Athletes, coaches, officials, the sport of boccia and Boccia NZ, are recognised in NZ and internationally

FINANCIAL AND PARTNERSHIPS - Sustainable financial model and collaborative partnerships that facilitate organisational capacity and capability

ORGANISATIONAL LEADERSHIP - Effective governance and strong leadership within and by the organisation

High Performance Strategy 2021-2028

This plan will build a performance framework to foster the development, education, leadership and wellbeing of athletes, coaches and officials, supporting them to reach their full potential.

Strategic Pillars:

COACHES AND OFFICIALS - Accredited coaches and officials, supporting players to reach their full potential as athletes and people

TALENT IDENTIFICATION AND DEVELOPMENT - Continuity of athletes with a National Classification, achieving and elevating performance standards

COMPETITION AND PERFORMANCE - Athletes, coaches and officials, performing in a safe environment which fosters education, excellence and wellbeing

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