Gotcha Boccia

We are excited to launch Gotcha Boccia, a 6-week community boccia programme, in partnership with Paralympics NZ, ParaFed Taranaki, ParaFed Manawatu and Disability Sport and Recreation Hawkes Bay. 

Gotcha Boccia is an introductory, fun and inclusive community boccia programme that welcomes participants with physical, vision, and intellectual impairments, of all genders, ages and abilities.

The programme is being piloted in the regions of Taranaki, Hawkes Bay and Manawatu before Gotcha Boccia will be expanded across Aotearoa.

The Gotcha Boccia resource is intended for public use, and has been developed to support the activation of Gotcha Boccia, which contains session plans recommended over a six week period to:

  • introduce new participants to the sport of boccia
  • offer participants with different abilities and learning styles many ways to play boccia
  • utilise modified activities and game ideas that develop specific and targeted skills within boccia
  • provide programme activators easy-to-follow boccia session plan structures that contain week-to- week lesson progression.

A downloadable link of the Gotcha Boccia resource is available at the bottom of this page.

To discuss introducing Gotcha Boccia within your region our local community, please register your interest to

Support can be provided with activator training as well as promotion and marketing.