2020 NZ National Boccia Championships

Below is a summary of medal and award winners from the 2020 NZ National Boccia Championships. Congratulations to everyone involved in what was an outstanding competition.


BC1,2,4,5,Kiwi,Open Teams

Gold - Andrew Hocken, Michael Turner, Mark Anderson

Silver - Fleur Mann, Vishal Chandra, Rosslyn Crutchley

Bronze - Lilian Exton, Matthew Whiting, Alisha Mill

BC3 Pairs:

Gold - Greig Jackson, Paul Woodhead

Silver - Troy Robertson, Cian Wackrow

Bronze - Hyran Daymond, Gina Taka-Ardouin

Individual BC1,2,4

Gold - Alisha Mill (Canterbury)

Silver - Vishal Chandra (Waikato)

Bronze - Jeremy Morriss (Canterbury)

Individual BC3

Gold - Troy Robertson

Silver - Hyran Daymond

Bronze - Greig Jackson

Individual BC5

Gold - Andrew Hocken

Silver - Fleur Mann

Bronze - Craig Gadsby

Individual Kiwi/Open:

Gold - Lilian Exton (Canterbury)

Silver - Ken McIntosh (Otago)

Bronze - Jeffrey Kerr


Volunteers of the Year: Kevin & Wendy Exton (Canterbury)

Services to Refereeing: Daniel Henderson (Wellington)

Junior Player of the Year: Alisha Mill (Canterbury)

Player of the Year: Andrew Hocken (Canterbury)