2022 Christchurch Regional Boccia Championships

11 Jul

Event Details:

Dates: Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th July 2022

Venue: Bishopdale YMCA, Bishopdale Ct

Times: Friday 16th 9:00am - 5:30pm, Saturday 17th 9:00am - 3:00pm

Competition: Individual Competition only

Livestream: Court 1 will be live streamed via our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/boccianz

Live Stream Schedule:
Saturday 16th:
  9:30 Greig Jackson vs Oliver Hill-Parker
10:30 Craig Gadsby vs Jeremy Morriss
11:30 Andrew Hocken vs Mark Pattinson
12:30 Alisha Mill vs Jeremy Morriss
13:30 Jeffrey Kerr vs Lilian Exton
14:30 Oliver Hill-Parker vs Gina Taka-Ardouin
15:30 Matthew Whiting vs Alisha Mill
16:30 Lilian Exton vs Mark Pattinson

Sunday 17th:
  9:00 Craig Gadsby vs Matthew Whiting
10:00 Andrew Hocken vs Lilian Exton
11:00 BC1,2,4,5 Semi-Final
12:00 BC3 Semi-Final
13:00 BC1,2,4,5 Final
14:00 BC3 Final

Be sure to tune into some of the live action and commentary!

Prizegiving: Sunday 17th at 3:00pm