About Us


Managed entirely by a voluntary board and registered as a charitable non-profit organisation (CC48725), Boccia New Zealand Inc is the governing body for the sport of boccia in New Zealand. Not only do we oversee the development and implementation of the national strategic direction for the sport, we also cover fundamental areas such as community engagement, grassroots participation, athlete development and high performance.


The 2-tiered vision for Boccia New Zealand is:
1. To develop boccia in New Zealand ensuring it is sustainable, inclusive and progressive; and
2. To be the world's leading boccia nation.


  • To provide a healthy, safe and inclusive environment for the delivery of boccia and all associated programmes.
  • To ensure transparency and integrity in our governance and decision making.
  • To operate with teamwork, cooperation, trust, effective communication and mutual respect.
  • To continue to develop a performance based culture ensuring a strong work ethic and accountability in all that we do.
  • To continue to promote altruism and recognise our dedicated volunteer workforce.

Boccia New Zealand is governed by an Executive Board consisting of three selected members made up of President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and up to two additional board members. The Director of Boccia is an ex-officio member of the board but with no voting rights.

Andy Henderson
Teri May Mann
Colin Frude
Harvey Brunt
Board Member
Matthew Whiting
Board Member
Scott Martin
Director of Boccia (Ex-Officio)
021 0299 4936